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Transferring/spraying of Lubricating, Rust Proof, Undercoating Fluids (Oil, Grease, Wax, Glue etc)

Features -:

Pneumatically sensed Air Motor
Double acting pulsation free output (suitable for spraying)
Stainless Steel rust proof Hydraulic Body
Easy maintenance
Ice Free Motors
Light and easy to Handle

Accessories -:

Manual / Automatic Guns
Guns with flow indicators
Guns with batch controller
Hose Reel
Barrel covers


Type Hippo 5.230 Hippo 12.230 Hippo 20.230
Pressure Ratio 5:1 12:1 20:1
Out put per cycle 230 cc 230 cc 230 cc
Air motor piston Φ 80 mm 125 mm 160 mm
Stroke Length 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm
Recommended Maximum transfer Volume per minute 11.5 ltr 9.2 ltr 6.9 ltr
Air Inlet pressure Max 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
Outlet Pressure Max 30 bar 72 bar 120 bar
Air Consumtion N liter/min 370 560 890
Typical fluids handled motor oil,synthetic oil,Hydraulic oil,Auto transmission fluid motor oil,synthetic oil,Gear oil,Pourable light lubricating grease Under coating / rust proofing fluids,pourable lubricating grease,Pourable glues,Pastes

Ideally suited pump for isocynate / moisture sensitive materials
Special cylinder in cylinder divorced design never allows material up to throat seals so never leakage from throat seals. (Wet cup & throat seals are only to provide a barrier between atmosphere & material in drum & pump not to prevent any kind of chemical leakage.) so that no jamming due to cured material on shaft coming out of / going in throat seals
All stainless steel wetted parts & PTFE seals
Equal dispense volume on both up & down stroke.
Triclover clamp for quick connecting / disconnecting & tight sealing on drums.

PART NO 29 009 000 00
Output (Continuous Duty) 21 Ltrs/min
Output (Intermittent Duty) 42 Ltrs/min
Cycles per litre 5
Cycles per gal 19
Pressure Ratio 4.5 : 1
Stroke Length 120 mm
Air Motor Piston Φ 80 mm
Air inlet pressure max. 6 bar

paint shop 1
Paint Shop
Barrel length
Engine & Transmission shop