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Reciprocator Based Automatic Painting System
Reciprocator based painting application for automobile, railways, etc
Customized Pneumatic/Hydraulic reciprocators, Horizontal roof reciprocators available on request.

Electro/Mechanical, Servo Driven System
Available up to 4 meters vertical stroke lengths.
Stepless variable speed range up to 1.1 meter/ second (higher speeds available on request)
Low friction advanced linear bearing slides for carriage
Timer belts for noise free, lubrication free long life operation

Features -:

Servo Drive
Smoothest movement (constant torque at any speed)
Precise speed control
Instant stroke changeover as well as brake
Positional accuracy-Integrated encoder for precise reciprocation stroke as well as spray stroke
Closed loop speed/stroke control possible (Optional “on request”)

PLC Based Control System
High tech Precision control
User friendly interface
Full scope for customization
Easy upgradation possible
Standard technology, local expert support easily available

Traversing Carriage
Horizontal stroke up to 1 meter
Extra precision rolled ball screw
AC frequency drive with encoder system
Belo type protective cover