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The range is suitable for transferring paint materials, oils, explosive liquids, feed multiple spray guns and paint circulation systems.
It is designed for high delivery upto 16 ltr/min.

Features -:

Low shear out put
Very less & easy maintenance
Compact & easy assembly
Hard coated piston & cylinder
Very less wear & tear
Long  life small throat seal stuffing
Fast & easily replaceable throat seals
Aluminum & Stainless Steel Wet part versions
Compliance to EC Norms

Type CUB 2.400 CUB 6.400
Ratio* 2:1 6:1
Output per Cycle 400cc 400cc
Air Motor Piston Φ 80mm 125mm
Stroke Length 120mm 120mm
Recommended Transfer volume @25 Cycles per min 10 ltr 10 ltr
Air Inlet pressure Max. 6 bar 4 bar
Output pressure Max. 12 bar 24 bar
Air Consumption N ltr/min @25 Cycles 215 370

cub (paint circulation )
Paint Circulation System
Barrel paint