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VR Coatings offers painting systems with multiple colors for external and internal surfaces of barrels and drums. More than 10 numbers of 200 liters barrel painting systems (production rate more than 300 liters/hour) made by V R Coatings are delighting the barrel manufactures in INDIA. External painting of 200 liters barrel. Designed for External & Internal both.

Main Features Of Barrel Painting System -:

Servo driven accurate lancing system.
Painting is covered by 3 numbers of spray guns.

Features -:

Painting is done by 13 numbers of Spray Guns which includes individual Spray Guns for the bung and two Spray Guns with Cut Nozzle for fine band.
13 Nozzles gives fast application, almost 300 barrels/hour without overspray.
In-built Paint Heaters at lower pressures enables the paint to form a spray. Drop in viscosity reduces overspray, saves paint, results uniform coating and fast drying.
High volume output Pump offers Pulsation free uniform volume.
PLC control panel gives full proof performance with High flexibility for adjusting various paints.

Additional Information -:

For Barrel Painting with three colors i.e. top & bottom band, central band and top & bottom cover, the Automatic Painting process for 200 Liters. Barrel is as per below: * The Barrel enters the Spray Booth and starts rotating on the Spinner. * The Control Panel is triggered no sooner the Barrel enters the Spray Booth. * Independent Painting for three colors starts at intervals covering the entire container. After completion of painting, the barrel is ejected out towards the flash off zone on the conveyor when all the Spray Guns are OFF.