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Pressure Regulator
Airless Spray Nozzles
Electrostatic Hand Gun
Pulsation Dampner
Automatic Dispensing Gun
Low Pressure Filter
Colour Change Valve
Pipe Coating Systems
Pneumatic Stirrer
Reciprocator Based Automatic Painting System
CUB – Low Pressure Paint Transfer Pump
VRC MIX H.P – Electronic Two Component Equipment
Hot Airless Spray Painting
ELEPHANT – Low Pressure High Volume Paint Transfer Pump
Barrel Transfer Pump
HIPPO – Low Pressure Paint Transfer Pump
Portable Pressure Feed Pot

VR Coatings is making its presence felt in international market by virtue of superior indigenous design, ruggedness and reliability of its equipment. Thorough technical know how and adequate infrastructure ensures equipment with highest quality at reasonable and optimal cost. This helps us to overcome competition both in domestic as well as international market.

VRCPL plays a dominant role in the Indian market and supplier to all the major automobile manufacturers, major infrastructure companies and oil sector piping companies. In the International market, VRCPL has been a supplier both to certain OEM manufacturers as well as endusers.

Our geographical coverage includes Europe, United States, South America, South Africa, Middle East and Far East. In our endeavor to service our market, we are ably supported by a network of partners both in India and abroad.
With a view to increase its market coverage, VRCPL has always been on the lookout for influential, hardworking business partners who have adequate resources in term of manpower, money and infrastructure……… More

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